Chevalier Salt Storage Shed

  • Project: Construction of Chevalier Avenue Salt Storage Structure
  • Owner: State of New Jersey
  • Engineer: Stantec
  • Contract Amount: $1,345,622.20
  • Duration: Proposed Completion Date – October 31,2010
  • Description: Construction of a 60’ x 80’ pre-engineered salt storage shed adjacent to th NB exit ramp for the interchange 125 of the Garden State parkway at Milepost 125.0, Chevalier Avenue in the Borough of Sayerville, Middlesex County. The work includes the Building construction with related foundation, minor electrical for interior lighting. The work also includes the relocation of the calcium chloride tank and dispenser from the existing storage facility located on the opposite side of the ramp. Also included is the required traffic control, storm drainage installation, site grading, concrete curb and asphalt paving.